Travel Schedule

3rd-7th March: Planet-forming disks, Como, Italy.
4th-6th February: Dustbusters network meeting, Milan, Italy (virtual attendance).

3rd-5th December: PLATO Theory workshop, Cambridge.
26th November: Seminar, University College London.
15th-19th October: Take a closer look, ESO, Garching, Germany.
26th-29th June: Hide and seek: where are the young planets?, Madrid, Spain.
15th-18th May: Royal Society Frontiers of Science meeting, Chicheley Hall.
24th January: Seminar, University of Warwick.

8th November: Seminar, Imperial College, London.
4th-7th September: PLATO Mission conference, Warwick.
22nd-24th May: The migration issue: from protoplanets to supermassive black holes, Cambridge.
28th April: Seminar, University of Leeds.
26th April: Seminar, University of Central Lancashire.
26th-31st March: Formation and dynamical evolution of exoplanets, Aspen, Colorado, USA.
23rd March: Visiting lecture, University of Nottingham.

21st-26th August: Star Formation 2016, Exeter.
27th June-1st July: National Astronomy Meeting, Nottingham.
20th May: Public lecture at Cambridge Astronomical Association.
22nd-24th April: Liège. Hopefully also Bastogne.
7th-11th March: Protoplanetary Discussions, Edinburgh.
4th February: Public lecture at Nottingham Astronomical Society.
10th-16th January: The Delivery of Water to Proto-planets, Planets and Satellites, Bern, Switzerland.