I am a Professor in Astrophysics in the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Leicester.

My work looks at how planets form in discs around young stars like our Sun, how stars form, and how super-massive black holes grow. Most of my work involves building theoretical and numerical models of these systems, in order to try and understand how they behave and evolve. For a more detailed description, please see my research page.

My research is currently funded by the European Research Council.


I grew up in Fife, in southern Scotland, and studied in Edinburgh and Cambridge. I then worked as a post-doc in Colorado and Leiden before joining the faculty in Leicester.

A full CV is available here (PDF); my travel schedule is here.

Recent students & post-docs

Giulia Ballabio - PhD student
Cass Hall - Winton Exoplanet Fellow
Rebecca Nealon - ERC post-doc
Enrico Ragusa - ERC post-doc
Andrew Winter - ERC post-doc
Alison Young - ERC post-doc

Contact Details

email: richard.alexander (at) leicester.ac.uk

School of Physics & Astronomy
University of Leicester
Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK