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A collection of news articles about our paper on the distribution of exoplanet orbits (March 2012):

  • Why Gas Giants Like Some Orbits More than Others -
  • Planets pile up in popular orbits - Astronomy Now
  • Giant planet pileups in far-flung star systems: Computer says yes - The Register (also the first time I've been referred to as a "boffin" by the media)

    Assorted other coverage:; New Scientist; Science Daily; Yahoo! News; Discovery News; Motherboard; LiveScience; ZME Science;; Eureka! Science News; Science Blog; Futurity;; Space Daily; The State Column; Loughborough News; The Epoch Times; Christian Science Monitor(!); TG Daily; Softpedia; United Press International; Alaska Dispatch; Zee News.
    University of Leicester press release; University of Arizona press release.

    And a selection of less recent press coverage:

  • The Great Migration. Article in JILA Research Highlights about my paper with Phil Armitage on planet migration (February 2010).
  • Marriage - Galaxy Style. Article in JILA Research Highlights about our paper on binary black holes (November 2008).
  • Black Holes Birth Baby Stars. #23 in Discover Magazine's "Top 100 Stories of 2008" feature: it's about Bonnell & Rice's paper, but the figure is mine!
  • Stars in the Making. Comment article in Science, by Phil Armitage, August 2008 (subscription required). The figure is from one of my simulations.
  • Black Holes Can Spawn Large, Odd Stars, Model Suggests. Comments in National Geographic News (August 2008).
  • Necklaces of Fire. Article in JILA Research Highlights about our study of stellar dynamics at the Galactic Centre (May 2007).

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